Originates’ strong relationships with our manufacturing partners bring first-class solutions and a lean, transparent supply chain from start to finish. We are proud to partner with these manufacturers who make it so easy for us to service our customers with shorter lead times via our U.S. distributions network.


Naturmega is a trusted partner for Omega-3’s and fish oil. Located in Barranquilla, Colombia, Naturmega was the first manufacturing facility in Latin America for medium and high Omega-3 concentrates. They are certified by prestigious organizations that offer confidence for high-quality products in an environmentally friendly production facility.


  • Certificate for products which respect and protect the marine environment

  • Excellence in manufacturing and quality process

  • USA Regulatory approval for nutritional supplements

  • Food safety authorization for Muslims

  • Business Alliance for secure commerce

  • Proud member of the Global organization of EPA and DHA – GOED

  • INVIMA certifies the Naturmega facility has the proper methods, equipment, facilities, and controls to properly produce Omega-3


MCB Biotechnology Nutritionals is our trusted partner for Marine and Vegan Collagen. Founded in 1987, MCB Biotechnology specializes in the production and supply of food and nutritional powders. The production quality of MCB meets various international conditions and modern production lines.