CollaGEM™ Marine

CollaGEM™ Marine Collagen Peptides, sourced from pure and pollution-free fish scale, boast a fishy-less taste and remarkable solubility, making them ideal for diverse collagen applications such as beauty supplements, sports nutrition, functional foods, and nutraceutical products. With Type I collagen, they are particularly suited for skincare formulations and beauty supplements, contributing to their increasing popularity in the market.

This pure and pollution-free micro-granulated marine collagen peptide powder with outstanding solubility is applicable for powder applications, beauty shots, collagen bars, collagen gels, functional foods, and nutraceutical products. Most importantly, their odorless nature and amazing solubility enhance consumers’ satisfaction and experience with collagen supplements.

Key Attributes

  • Clear and pollution free spurge origin

  • High absortion

  • Stable quality
  • Excellent solubility
  • Great taste
  • No additive