Looking for Acidulants?

Acidulants bring a wide range of functionality, which include food, beverage, flavor enhancer, high solubility, tartness, and as a preservative.

Some applications include:

  • Pharma supplements, excipients, and more
  • Carbonated soft drinks, flavors, and confections
  • Personal and home care, detergents, and cleaners


  • Ascorbic (Granular and Powder)

    Primarily used as an antioxidant for food products. It can be used in a variety of foods such as bread, cured meats, jams, jellies, and sauces. The vitamin C properties of ascorbic acid make it an excellent vitamin supplementation.

  • Citric (Granular and Powder)

    Versatile ingredient which is naturally occurring in citrus fruit. Citric acid has many uses and benefits such as, Food additive, preservative, cleaning agent, Water softener, and is used in cosmetics as well.


  • Calcium Citrate

    Commonly used as a food additive, usually as a preservative, but in times for flavor. Calcium citrate is the most bioavailable form of calcium.

  • Sodium Citrate

    A multi-functional ingredient commonly used in carbonated drinks, powdered drinks, jams, jellies, meat, sausage, hams, etc… Its main purpose is a flavor agent, emulsifier, and preservative.

  • Zinc Citratee

    An essential mineral that is used in functional foods, beverages, food supplements, and pharmaceuticals (against the common cold).