Originates strong relationships with our manufacturing partners bring first-class solutions and a lean, transparent supply chain from start to finish. We are proud to partner with these manufacturers who make it so easy for us to service our customers with shorter lead times via our U.S. distributions network.


MCB was established in 1987 and has been servicing the Food and Nutritional industry for over thirty years. It has a worldwide presence in twenty-six countries, providing quality products to over five hundred customers. MCB offers unparalleled excellence in their micro-encapsulation and spray drying technology. They offer ingredients in specialty lipid powders, high fiber juice powder, palm and coconut based MCTs, and premium marine collagen (Collagem). Their branded ingredients are used in Sports Nutrition, RTD Beverages, Beauty Supplements and Functional Foods.


A pioneer in the production of high concentrate EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, Naturmega relies on the most advanced technology to design, manufacture and sell products for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Naturmega’s manufacturing facility is advantageously located to several maritime shipping ports, providing for easy raw material handling and expedited exports.


Gelco International is a leading producer of Gelatins and Collagens, specializing in Bovine Hide sourced gelatins and collagens for applications in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Pet product applications. With history dating back to the 1960’s, Gelco International has four manufacturing sites, located in Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, with total production capacity over 16000MT/yr. All manufacturing sites are near the raw material sources ensuring a steady and predictable supply chain, as well as compliance with BSE/TSE Free requirements.

Gelco International sites are certified ISO, FSSSC 22000, GMP/HACCP and comply with international standards of quality and regulatory requirements, allowing us to ship our gelatins worldwide. All manufacturing sites also have Kosher and Halal certifications.

Gelco International has worldwide presence through relationships with distributors to service local and regional customers, large and small. Gelco International is your reliable source for gelatins.